I am back!

I haven’t blog here for a very long time! For a while, I worked at several jobs, was making good money, but than, I got laid off from one my job. As for now, I am making a decent living but I am not making as much money as I want. While being busy working outside, I had find some times to write articles on HubPages. Some articles had done well, other didn’t. But anyhow, I enjoy my time on HubPages. Really strange sometime how can life can keep you away from little things and this blog was one of them. But I am back!

I wanted to begin a job search and seek for another job but as for now, I decide to put this project on hold, because I had a pretty bad experience with my recent laid off at BMO Bank of Montreal because I got fired just before the RSP season. There was a 6 months tried out related to the job and I was at about 3 months when I got laid out. I had been treated like shit and I haven’t been able to proof my skills as a sale person. Because BMO Bank of Montreal, at the Montreal call centre, it was all about sales. I was doing great, but my supervisor decides to lay off me because I wasn’t quick enough, that the calls were not fluent enough, not enough sales… But also, that I was considered as a danger for BMO Bank of Montreal because once, a customer that I had put on hold hang up. There wasn’t too much floor support at BMO Bank of Montreal. In many occasions, the supervisor herself couldn’t answer many questions I asked her, she often refer to other persons of the team. She wasn’t really available to answer questions and same thing to the co-supervisors. Those 2 were quite busy and sometimes, it could get long before someone get to answer. Also, we had been poorly train. One of the trainers was very aggressive with me. After a couple of weeks working at BMO Bank of Montreal, I applied for a credit line, which I received, among with a credit card. I guess I also been victim of jealousy because I have a 5 stars credit score, my credit is well establish since 2005.

After giving a 5 000$ credit line and a 4 000$ credit card, BMO Bank of Montreal fired me, this being after 3 months of work, which is very unfair. They could had giving me another one month for the try-out, I would had made a good job. I didn’t have too much experience in the banking sector when I started working at BMO Bank of Montreal, but I had experience in credit and investment. I am myself an investor since 2005. I am currently working at reaching 100 000$ in assets. I am currently at 87 000$. And I am doing well. Not only did BMO Bank of Montreal laid off a good employee, but laid off a pretty good investor. On my way to reach my first 100 000$, I use a bit of leverage, and it’s working extraordinary well. Since 2005, we acquire some investment skills. Ever since the early beginner, our assets continue to grow, despite recession and bad treatment coming from BMO Bank of Montreal. We never been stopped in any aspect of our live and as a New Brunswicker, I won’t let myself slow down by Quebeckers. Especially now that NB Power now officially belong ONLY to New Brunswickers. No one is on my way, New Brunswickers are unbeatable. When you get to this lever of personal skills (check myfirst50000.com to understand what I am taking about), you have to be ready to eat shit. BMO Bank of Montreal makes me eat shit and my laid off of BMO Bank of Montreal mark a new beginning in our journey. So welcome us back on my 200 project blogs that had turned mostly in a 200 all-you-can-do project. And BMO Bank of Montreal can kiss my ass.

Using HubPages to make money from Google AdSense

It had been a very long time I didn’t visit Amy Bass web page My Debt Free Goal. It’s with her I discover HubPages. HubPages had excited for a while now, but I haven’t ever heard about it… Why? LOL

See, HubPages is very fun to use. HubPages is not like Associated Content: your article doesn’t need to wait for approval before getting publishes on the Web. Which mean that as soon as you feel that your article is ready, you can actually publish it within a matter of seconds. HubPages is perfect for me! It’s easy to set-up an account, very user-friendly and, watch out: It’s allow you to register your very own Google AdSense account, Ebay and other if you are register with any pay-per-link program. So far, I am only register with Google Adsense, but I plan to register to other program that HubPages propose to use to make money.

Yesterday, I wrote and publish my first article on HubPages! And check it out, I just did a seach in Google with the following sentence: a taste of recession in my mouth. The sentence belongs to my first article I publish on HuPages. I find my article as 6th result on Google! Awesome! Never any of the articles I publish on my blogs got, I believe so well ranked. I haven’t been too much active on my different blogs so far, other than My First 50 000$. This is an exciting time for me as I am currently very close to reach my first 50 000$ value in investment.

I am currently out of weekend job. It’s giving me the chance to blog and to do whatever I want!

And how about a 200 HubPages challenge?

Learning from the pros

I subscribe not so long time ago to John Chow newsletter. And I am glad I did! I learn by John Chow that Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker had started a new program, an Internet Marketing Course for beginners like myself, free to join! Of course, I register to the course right away. Shortly after, I was receiving my first week of course. The first course is an introduction, easy to understand, a PDF document of about 11 pages. ShoeMoney provide usual tips on how to start. He also talks a bit about himself. Beautiful story and you will be amaze by his easy way to look at the whole Internet Marketing deal.

Working at being searchable part II: MSN search engine

Quick update

Time pass so quickly! I have so little time in hand to complete all of my projects (consult previous post)! I currently had submit The 200 Project Blogs to Blog Catalog. I also submit The 200 Project Blogs to some social bookmarking. I am not with it still. But in the meantime, to do a change, I submit my blogs to the MSN search engine.

Submitting The 200 Project Blogs to MSN search engine

Since I already had a hotmail email address, I log into the Live Search – Webmaster Center with my current hotmail ID.

Here are the steps taking in order to register your blog to MSN search engine:

1. Once log in, you will arrived at a page name “Site List”. Click on “Add a site”.
2. Enter your URL under “Web address”. Click “Submit”.
3. A new page show up title “Authenticate your ownership of your website”. Go under “Meta tag authentification”. Copy the meta tag.
4. Save the meta tag just before or after the Yahoo! one in your HTML blog template. Once completed, click on “Return to Site List”.
5. Click on the URL. A message saying that your blog had been authentify will quickly appears. After what, you will arrive to the summary of your URL.

Nice job, your registration is now completed!

I follow those steps for my major blogs. My blogs have now been registered in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Next project: complete the registration of all of my blogs to Blog Catalog and complete the social bookmarking step.

Getting started: upcoming projects

I work extremely well last night. I work until 5AM in the morning. As I wake up (at 1:30PM lol), first thing I did is again, start my computer and log online. I have a quick look at my Yahoo! email and… surprise, My First 50 000$ had been approved and is now from Blog Catalog!

Blog Catalog registration

Next step will be to register the blogs I have open recently and who have relevant content. I am thinking of Advertisement for Blogs, International Organization of Prepaid Workers, Happy and Simple Living. At this time, I am currently active on 5 blogs, which is a good start, knowing how much time and effort it can take. Blogging is so much fun!

MSN search engine

Also, I want to register my 5 blogs to MSN search engine.

Social Bookmarking

Another step will also be to register my 4 other blogs to social bookmaking, following the list on socialmarker.com

Those little steps will probably keep me busy for the rest of the week. But the sooner I will be done with it, the better it will be.

What I like about this project, The 200 Project Blogs, is that it’s allowing me to share all the steps I am talking among the way. And I just hope I will be able to reach my goal one day and received a Google check. Wouldn’t be fun?

Working at being searchable: Yahoo! search engine

Now that I am done with the social bookmaking step, my next project for My First 50 000$ is to submit the Web site to the major search engine. I already submit My First 50 000$ to Google, but to Google only. My next project will be to submit my Web site to Yahoo! and other search engines. I was able to submit my blog to Google search engine through their Google Webmaster tool. But for Yahoo!, I have no clue on how to proceed. I did a search on Blog Catalog and I went through a wonderful site, call Tips and Tricks. I find all the tips I need on how to get my Web site add to the Yahoo! search engine.

Here’s a summary of my own steps taking in order to register to Yahoo! search engine:

1. Log in into the Yahoo! Site Explorer with my Yahoo! ID (the same ones you use for your Yahoo! email)
2. Click on “My sites” located on the left column. Inside the space bar, insert your blog address and click “Add My Site”.
3. Click on “Explore” – which is just next to your blog link. You will probably get the result “Invalid Request”. But no problem, continue with step 4.
4. Click on “Submit it for free” and after “Submit a Website or Webpage”. Enter again the URL of your blog and click “Submit URL”. After what, you should be reading the following: “Thank you! Your URL has been added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please expect a delay of several weeks before your URL is crawled”.
5. Return back to the main menu by clicking on “My Sites”.
6. Manually click on the new URL. Right next to “Authentification Status”, click on “New”.
7. Click on “By adding a META tag to my home page”. Copy the meta tag that appears in bold.
8. Open your Blogger account. Access to your blog.
9. In your Blogger account, select “Layout” and than “Edit HTML”.
10. Right on the top of the template, directly below:

head (with symbols <> after the d)
b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/ (with symbols <> after the /).

Save your Yahoo! meta tag. But just before the > symbol, add /. If you don’t do so, you won’t be able to save your template.
11. Click on “Save template”.
12. Go back at your Yahoo! Site Explorer page. Click on “Ready to Authenticate”. After what, you should read: “Your site has been authenticated”.

I plan to repeat this operation for all of my blogs…

The social bookmarking for my main blog is now completed

This step was quitted long. It took me sometimes as I had to create a new account for all different social markers found in the Web site socialmarker.com. But now that my accounts are all created, I will be able to, later on, submit all of my blogs and also submit by favorite links. So far, for all of those social markers, I submit my main blog, My First 50 000$. I am happy to be done with this first step.

About Blog Catalog

I find another great site where to advertise my blogs. This Web site is not from socialmarker.com. It’s call blogcatalog.com. Blog Catalog is very great. You can submit your blog for free. You need to confirm the ownership of your blog by adding one of their widgets or by adding a meta tag in the HTML template of your blog. For my part, I add a widget. The registration for My First 50 000$ is currently Pending. It should take about 48 hours to be completed. Blog Catalog is very nice to consult.